2018 Rock the River Jamboree Official Rules

March 2 – 4, 2018


Section 1: General Jamboree Administrative Matters:

1. General: This Jamboree is a sanctioned USA Hockey event and is designed for recreational teams in the 8U classification only.   Entry fees are: $500 for 8U Advanced teams, $500 for 8U Intermediate teams and $500 for 8U Beginner teams.   All fees must be payable with a money order, Association check or personal check.   Entry fee must be paid in full and is nonrefundable once the Jamboree Director accepts the team into the tournament.   This tournament is limited to the first 8 teams to register at the Beginner Level, the first 8 teams to register at the Intermediate level, and the first 8 teams to register at the Advanced Level.  The tournament committee reserves the right to take more team if the ice allows for it.

  A.  Current USA Hockey rules shall apply, except as modified below.  All on-ice officials will be registered with USA Hockey.

  B.  Teams are guaranteed exactly six (6) 28-minute games.   All Jamboree games count toward 8U      maximum number of games allowed per CAHA P & P section 7 (U8 ADM).

  C.  There is not an admission fee for spectators.

  D.  Locker rooms will be designated for the home and visiting teams.   Teams may have to share locker rooms at times between games, so please be respectful of all players’ equipment.   Per CAHA Safesport, an assigned adult must be in the locker room with the team.

2. Sportsmanship:   CSAHA stresses sportsmanship.   Fighting, abusive behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches or parents WILL NOT be tolerated on or off the ice.   Such conduct will be grounds for disqualification from the jamboree as determined by the jamboree director and/or the site director.   Referees/On-Ice Coaches have the authority to direct the removal of any player(s) acting in an objectionable and/or unsafe manner on the ice.   In addition, the game referees/on-ice coaches in conjunction with the jamboree director have the authority to end any game at the time they feel that continuing that game would endanger players or violate CSAHA stated policy on sportsmanship.   The jamboree director and the site director will determine the outcome of any such game. Jamboree and/or site director reserve the right to remove anyone from rink whose actions are detrimental to fair play and sportsmanship. 

 3. Participating Teams:   All teams and players must be registered with USA Hockey. Teams are encouraged to bring Dark and Light colored jerseys for home and away purposes.   USA Hockey reversible jerseys are acceptable as a second jersey. 

4. Credentials:   Rosters and proper USA Hockey registration will be verified prior to the tournament.   The USA Hockey Roster must include at least one Team Manager.  If the state affiliate (or foreign team) requires travel permits, those must be verified before the jamboree begins.

5.  Awards:   Individual participation items will be given to the team managers at check in for all participants. 

6.  Damage to Rink and their facilities:  The repair and replacement costs involved with any damage done to any property at the ice arena will be the responsibility of the team(s) of the individual(s) causing such damage.   Immediate arrangements for restitution must be made and violations of this rule are cause for removal from the jamboree.   Each team is responsible for the cleanliness of the locker room after use.

7.  Fees:   Entry fee must be paid by a team or association with a check payable to “CSAHA” by January 15th, 2018.  Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent no later than February 1st, 2018.   If your team is not accepted into the Jamboree, your payment will be refunded. The entry fee is non-refundable if your team is accepted into the Jamboree.


Section II: General Jamboree Play

1.  Length of Games:   Games will be kept to 28 minutes in length, teams will play cross or half ice depending on division.   Games for all divisions will consist of 1-24 minute running clock period. A buzzer will sound every 2 minutes for line changes.   A 3 minute warm-up will be provided at the start of each game for all divisions.   In emergency cases involving weather, injury or other extenuating circumstances, jamboree officials reserve the right to modify the schedule as necessary.   Including, but not limited to, shorter warm up periods and time between periods.   Modifying game times and length cannot be protested.   Also, please note that game results will not be posted on CAHA electronic scoring system. 

2.  Reporting for Games:  Teams may enter the locker rooms ½ hour before their scheduled game time. Teams must be dressed and ready for play 5 minutes before their scheduled game time. 

3.   Number of Players:   Beginner games will be played in a Cross Ice 4 player vs. 4-player format, with 5th player as in-net goalie (no goalie gear).   The mini nets will be utilized. Players not in action will utilize the border patrol system as a bench.   Advanced/Intermediate games will be played in a half Ice 4 player vs. 4-player format with each team having a designated goalie in full goalie equipment.   Intermediate nets will be utilized.   Each team will be designated half of a player’s bench for those players not in action.

4. Tie Games:   Games will be allowed to end in a tie.   For ALL divisions, game scores will not be posted on the scoreboard, nor will winners or losers be determined. 

5. Hockey equipment:   All teams must adhere to USA Hockey rules and regulations as it pertains to individual player’s equipment.   Mouth and neck guards are recommended.   Blue pucks will be used in ALL games. 

6.  Penalties:   Each team will have one coach on the ice to assist with the pace of play and to maintain order.  Outside referees will not be used in this jamboree.   Players committing blatant fouls will be sent to their bench and can be replaced by another player.

7. Protest:   As the intent is to promote good sportsmanship and fun, no protest will be accepted or considered.   However, should a dispute arise that is not contained in these rules or the rules of USA Hockey, the Tournament Director, or in their absence, the 8U Director, will make a ruling and all decisions are final. 

8. Refusal to Play:   Due to the fact that there are no protests, refusal to play any scheduled game(s) will result in a forfeit.